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The Bezvodivka Solar Observatory is a historical monument in the Chernihiv region also it is the author’s project of researcher and local historian Oleksandr Klykavka. I am not engaged in scientific titles, I am free to express my thoughts and ideas, which I want to share with you here. I tell about unique Ukrainian monuments in a accessible form for people. Because I am convinced that this is the only way historical science will be interesting not only for scientists, but also for ordinary people.



The Mounds Keepers - is an all-Ukrainian movement that unites people who are not indifferent to the preservation of historical monuments of the most ancient period of Ukraine’s history. Our goal is to preserve ancient graves as an element of the historical and cultural landscape of Ukraine and the educational work to remind Ukrainians that mounds are our shrines, an image of the heroic past, a link between generations.


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Ukraine Ancient  - is an English-language channel where I show the unique places of our country that are worth discovering. I tell about the oldest pages of the history of the Ukrainian land.